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The goal of our clinic is to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your spinal condition. The spine and nervous system are very complex and it often takes time to adequately diagnose these conditions. Advanced imaging such as MRIs or CT scans and other testing such as nerve studies or nerve blocks are necessary to complete the diagnosis. While many of these tests can be performed here in our facility for your convenience, due to high patient volume and required pre-authorization from insurance companies, we cannot always accomplish these tests in one office visit. We empathize with your pain and discomfort, and we will do whatever is necessary to order these tests in a timely fashion and we appreciate your understanding.

Narcotic pain medication is a common treatment for acute pain and is often used to manage certain spinal conditions. We are not a chronic pain management facility and will not manage chronic pain. For acute injuries, pain medication will be provided for a short period of time and postoperatively no longer than six months. If narcotic pain medication is required beyond this period we would be happy to refer you to a local pain management facility to manage your chronic pain.